Your blocks from the first month of the Snowflake Sampler BOM

2021 Block of the Month


We have finished our first block assignments for the #wisecraftsnowflakebom and I am loving them! Many participates are experimenting with new threads, or pulling threads from their stash to complete our blocks and it has been so exciting to see all the different iterations of these first two blocks!

Clockwise from top right- Contentmentcorner,, a Quilter’s Table, twoodwardknits, blueskycrafter, Spongebrain, center- Bridget Macfarlane


Our first month was 2 smaller blocks (there are 18 blocks in total, so some months are 2 smaller, other months might be 1 bigger block). Aren’t they pretty? It’s fun to not only see the totally different solid thread colors that folks are choosing to use, but fun to see different variegated thread colors too. The stars and snowflake shapes really do twinkle!


We are nearing 200 members strong. And you can join in the fun at any time! When you join, you have access to all the previous month’s blocks that were released prior.

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