Another vintage photo for my collection- #vintagepeopleonquilts

Vintage Quilt Photo
I started collecting these vintage photos of people sitting on quilts a few years ago and they have steadily become one of my most prized possessions. When I was writing up the proposal for Wise Craft Quilts, I really wanted to fully immerse my creative thoughts in what the quilts that eventually became part of the book meant to me. Quilts are so much more than needle and thread to me.

There are plenty of photos in the world that are of people sitting on or holding up quilts they have made, or friends/family gathered around on a quilt. And I have spent more hours than I’d care to admit looking for these photos. There was definitely an era in history when folks did not do a lot of smiling in these photos. I assume it was because the photo taking process wasn’t as quick as it is now, but who really knows? I am looking for a certain kind of feeling in these photos, one that evokes happiness, spontaneity, and a carefree feeling. I’ll never know what the story is that surrounds these photos, but I am happy to have them and create my own narrative around them.
You can see most of my current collection on Instagram tagged #vintagepeopleonquilts.

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