Halloween Propping

I’m so glad you guys like the fabric-covered journals!
Last week I was hired to create props for an thrift store chain’s upcoming photo shoot for Halloween (more details will come on all this later). All the crafts had to be recycled, using items from their store, inexpensive, easy, no-sew or low-sew, and family friendly (doable for kids, adults, and teens). All this felt like a surprisingly small order when I actually got down to task and started making up the projects. I really had a lot of fun putting this all together.READ MORE

30 minute DIY Fabric Covered Notebook

DIY Fabric Covered Notebook
I love pretty notebooks to make notes and sketches in. These fabric covered notebooks are one of those projects that time spent making is nothing compared to satisfaction gained. Less than 30 minutes, start to finish for a pack of 3 moleskine journals. Its great if you’re like me and have the really pretty fabric and have absolutely nowhere to use it in a project at the moment (a large scrap would do one journal).READ MORE

Our Favorite Bread Recipe

favorite bread recipe
I need to start this post with a disclaimer. You see, I, like yourself, try very hard to extol the virtues of whole wheat living on my family (peppered with the occasional “do as I say, not as I do”, because, well, I’ve been waiting my whole life to say that!). I do like it, and my kids come around to it in fits and spurts, which I can live with.

Halloween In May?


Are you guys as busy as we are? School activities really ramp up for us as the school year nears its end, and I never see this coming until its looking me square in the face, surprises me every year. This was a little respite we had after school yesterday. Playing our own casual version of Scrabble/Bananagrams/How Many Words Can you Spell?? is an easy easy game for us, no real winners or losers makes it okay for everyone. (The etsy seller I bought these from seems to not have any for sale at the moment, sadly. These letter tiles have a zillion uses!)
I have resisted thrifting for several months now, we just don’t need more stuff. But Peter and I are actually doing a project involving thrifting and I needed to go (imagine!). Sometimes, I strike gold, like this pure woolen blanket, which I will clean up and store till next winter. (Maybe for my one day tiny cabin by the sea??) All the other things I found are being cleaned and introduced to my little friend, black spray paint, for-
No kidding! Its the Halloween show around here for the next week or so as we get ready for this client project. At least I can do it outside. Its funny how I feel more inspired by Halloween right now than I usually do in October. I don’t know, I feel a Halloween party in 2009.
In the meantime, I am going to eek out some time to make some drawstring bags for the shop, and some other things. I’ve got some ideas inspired by the Treehouse Appreciation Society. When I pop in, I promise not to tell scary stories and yell trick or treat.

A Drawstring "Stuff" Bag

A custom drawstring stuff bag
Pulling up at school each morning, Ian and I get out of the car within a normal, realistic amount of time, and proceed to begin to wait for Emma to emerge. After several minutes of standing by the car and waiting for her, the door opens and she spills out. She has stuff. Lots of stuff. Bedroom stuff…backpack stuff…portable stuff… I do not know if this is typical of all 10 year old girls, but it is for Emma. There really is no other way to describe these bits and trinkets she finds important enough to carry with her.

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