I’m not gonna lie, its been a weird week. Kinda good, I mean Fall! I love Fall… but kinda blah… maybe cause that rain they told us to expect never came. Maybe I just need more chocolate. I know I really need to get myself organized. If I do that over the weekend, next week will automatically start out better.READ MORE

Granny Square Sampler Afghan, Week 17, Showing You Off!

Granny Square
(All the granny square assignments can be found on this page.)
Hello fellow samplers! I am taking some unauthorized liberties today. I wanted to share some photos of some of the samplers that everyone is doing. One of the best parts of this granny square sampler project is, although we all crocheted basically the same squares, each afghan is so unique to its designer. So much color and pattern out there! There were times I was constructing this afghan that I started to wonder if it would end up one hot mess (you may have wondered that too!), but that couldn’t be further than what we’re ending up with. Just beautiful. Take a look at some of the in-progress afghan shots from our Flickr groupREAD MORE

Granny Square Sampler Project- Week 15, Blocking Squares

I am getting excited now that we’re nearing the point where we are starting to join our squares together. We’ve worked all summer towards this right?
I jumped the gun last week when I said let’s start joining our squares. Because it we are good crocheters (and we are) we must block them first.READ MORE

Granny Square Sampler Project- Week 14

Granny Square Wk 14
(All the granny square assignments can be found on this page.)
I’m hijacking this week’s granny square sampler choice in order to satisfy my own selfish desire to do a rectangular granny square. A rectangular square. You read that right. Apparently granny squares don’t always have to be square and I am completely okay with that (and it just so happens this one is Ian’s favorite so far). I’ve been wanting to do one of these since starting this project and I just hadn’t sat down to figure it out until this week. Which is silly, because these are easy. Using only double crochet (dc) and chain (ch) stitches, which you’ve by now done a bazillion times for this sampler, the trick is simply getting that first round right. Get that part right, and Bob’s your uncle.READ MORE

Crochet Catch Up

Thanks to sitting and watching the Olympics with the family, I am almost completely caught up on my granny squares for our sampler. It feels really good to pick up the hook again and work on these after several weeks off.

Week 9- I love this one’s 3d effect, an easy square to do.


Granny Square Sampler Project- Week 13

Granny Square wk 13
This week’s granny square is brought to us by Beth (who is @cookiecat57 on Instagram- remember you can tag your photos on instagram with #grannysquaresampler so we can all see each other’s). I like this one because its quite different from the ones we’ve done over the past few weeks, retro, unusual, and just plain interesting. So let’s do it! It is called “The Whirlygig” and needs no introduction other than Beth’s photo, which she also kindly sent me.READ MORE

Granny Square Sampler Project- Week 12

I am a little embarrassed to admit that I am still behind on finishing my squares. Didn’t touch the crochet hook over the weekend. I fully intend to catch up. This whole week has been a flurry of crazy, which is mostly over now. Sitting down to crochet sounds just about perfect to me.
(All the granny square assignments can be found on this page.)
This week’s square-

Granny Square Week 12
(Image via crochet me)READ MORE

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