How I create new content

Embroidered swans
A swan embroidery pattern currently being designed.
So much goes into developing a new sewing pattern. For grins, I thought I would go through the process of how I create new content. As sort of a reminder to my future self as I plan these sorts of things throughout the year.READ MORE

Love Your Creative Space!

Love Your Creative Space by Lilo Bowman



Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing Lilo Bowman, author of Love Your Creative Space (C&T Publishing). In the Quilt As Desired Membership, we have discussed our studio challenges when it comes to making the most out of our space. I am a firm believer that our creative space is our sanctuary, and it yours isn’t feeling that way, there are probably a few things that you can do to tackle some of the problem areas.READ MORE

Studio Tour Part 1


I’m very excited to finally bring you a photo tour of my studio! I’ve been asked many times to do a full reveal and its been on my to do list for so long! Construction was completed last Fall, but its taken me a while to really get it as functional as I need it to be. That, coupled with all of the many deadlines that were delayed because I was waiting for it to be finished, and I truly hit the ground running in here back in October of 2021.READ MORE

The Wise Craft Quilt Studio construction update

Quilt Studio Windows

Wall of Windows in the Quilt Studio


There’s been lots of work happening here at our Santa Fe house. To bring you up to date- We had planned to buy a house with a studio already built, but when we found our house and its amazing location, we quickly decided it was THE house. Its super lovely but small, even for 2 people who downsized before moving in. Adding on to it was always part of the plan. We finalized plans to add on to it in 2020, but COVID and things that go with that initially slowed things down. Construction finally started about 10 weeks ago.


Live Q & A next Friday, May 24

Live Q & A


Updated 5/27/19– Thank you to all who tuned in! If you are a member of our group and would like to watch the replay, go to the Wise Craft Quilts Facebook group page, click on “Video” and if is the video from May 24th.

Groups inside of Facebook have been incredibly helpful to me over the past couple of years. I’ve gotten business guidance, help finding things in my community, found out about a newly released social media feature, you name it. I started my own group when my last book, Wise Craft Quilts, was published. They were emerging as a new resource for those of us who wanted to reach our audience online where they were at already. Since my group began, we have remade some of the projects in my book, live and in the group with others participating live. We have shared advice and projects, and have formed community around quilting. Its been a real source of support and enthusiasm for my work and I am so very grateful.


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