Halloween Craft, Zombie Barbies

Halloween Craft Zombie Barbies

(photo by Armstrong Pitts Studio)

One of the most popular, most remembered DIY crafts from my first book is the Zombie Barbies for Halloween, in the Fall Chapter of the book. In each of the 4 seasonal chapters, I wanted to create a variety of projects, from fun to more long-lasting. I felt it was also important to have projects that could be done in an afternoon, as well as some that might take a little longer (creating some nice quiet hand sewing moments in our otherwise busy lives).
The Zombie Barbies was one of those quick, fun, very funny projects that came from all those forgotten Barbie dolls that I kept seeing in the toy section of the thrift store. (And they were always naked…). I have had readers tell me how fun these were to make with the family. One even placed several of them throughout their garden for a party, what a fun idea! If you have a party coming up and are looking for a quick decorating idea that will definitely get everyone talking, this one is for you!

Zombie Barbie Halloween Craft


Barbie Dolls

Soap and Water

White Spray Paint

Doll Stands

Fine point sharpie marker

Newspaper to protect work surface

Face Mask and rubber gloves

To Make:

Clean the dolls with soap and water and dry thoroughly. On a protected surface, spray the dolls with several light coats of spray paint, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Cover all the areas of the doll- including eyes, hair, etc. If the hair melts up a little after painting, it only adds to the overall look.

Once the dolls are dry, decorate the details using a fine point sharpie marker. Insert each one in a doll stand to keep them upright.

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Halloween Craft Zombie Barbies

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