DIY Upcycled Pin Cushion

DIY pincushions by Wise Craft at Creativebug
These upcycled pin cushions are the perfect touch to make for yourself, or as a gift to a friend who sews. Try sticking in some pre-threaded needles, all ready to go for everyday mending. Or maybe some pretty glass head pins. They are made from scrap fabric and those little sake cups and tiny little ceramic cups and vessels I see often at the thrift store. There is usually just one of them, and I thought this was a fun way to use them.

DIY Pin Cushion
The smallest ones are the cutest! Here’s how to make them:

DIY Pin Cushion

DIY Pin Cushions


Thrift store ceramic cups in various sizes (the ones pictured are between 2”-4” in diameter across the top) I purchased all of the ones pictures for 50-99 cents each.

Pretty fabric scrap measuring twice as large as the cup’s opening

Scrap muslin fabric twice as large as the cup’s opening

Disappearing marker or pencil

Needle and heavy button thread


Polyfil stuffing or wool roving to stuff the top

Strong glue, like E6000 or super glue

To Make:

DIY Pin Cushion

Clean the cup. Press the fabric scrap and muslin (which should be cut roughly the same size), and roughly draw a large circle on the front of the fabric. Note: This circle should be twice as large the diameter of the cup’s opening. Using a hand sewing needle and double strange of button thread with the end knotted, sew a running stitch around the drawn line as shown, through both fabrics. Pull the thread from both ends, to gather up the circle but not completely close it. Knot the ends of the thread off.

DIY Pin Cushion

Apply glue to the inside of the cup, almost all the way up to the top, but careful not to let it seep over the edge. Carefully place the stuffed fabric pouch in the cup, making sure all the sides come into contact with the glue and allow to dry.

DIY Pin Cushion
And you’re done!
DIY pincushions by Wise Craft at Creativebug

DIY Pin Cushion

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