New Pincushions coming 12/14



I was thankful to have a few extra minutes this weekend to work on a small batch of #wisecraftfoundandforaged pincushions in time for holiday shopping. To say that this has been a weird and busy year is an understatement. Which is why I enjoyed sitting down to make these even more relaxing. Those on my newsletter list will be notified by email tomorrow (Monday, 12/14) when these are added to the shop. If you would like to be on my list, you can sign up here.

As all previous batches of pincushions, these are a collaboration of two friends. Kristen Ballou and myself. Now, long distance friends. Our work is our own, and we respond to each other’s work as we create each pincushion. These are such a joy to have out on my sewing table. In fact, if I have my magnetic one (purchased big-box store style) I will actually go looking for my handmade one. It truly makes me happy to have it out and being used as I sew.

Hope everyone is well!

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