New Quilt Pattern, Interwoven

Introducing Interwoven. Another new quilt design using the Ruby Ruler™ . Simple, yet impactful quilt design all by just playing with value.
I’m not sure why, but simple repeating shapes like the ones in this quilt make me so happy. Each “unit” or block is the same configuration, but also little bit different from the others when made in a scrappy way. While I was developing the ruler, I played with several different ways to use it, and I’ll be showing those to you in the coming months and weeks. I knew I wanted to play with value within one complete line of fabric. I got a complete fat quarter set of Denyse Schmidt’s new line Washington Depot and got to work. Because the Ruby Ruler™ can sometimes do funny things with red shades, I thought this collection would be a good challenge. Lots of rosy reds, pinks, and darker rosy shades.
So, why does the ruler do funny things with red? Mainly, because it is red. Its not always going to “read” red the same way as those other shades.
But it can definitely still work on reds!
For example, take these two pinkish tones circled in the image below.
Interwoven rosy pink blocks
When all the scraps were laid out and ready to be sorted, these two prints did not look so drastically different in value to me in that scrap pile. But looking at them through the Ruby Ruler definitely allows you to “read” the difference value effects.
Interwoven rosy reds through ruler
There is a clear difference between these two prints/colors/values. Most of the prints in this line of fabrics read “strong” when looking through my ruler. But here’s the cool thing- even if the fabrics all “read dark” at first, picking two fabrics to compare side by side, to each other, they are usually always a darker and lighter one. Like those two pink prints.
Focusing on a pair of fabrics at a time, classifying them as light and dark, playing on those subtle value differences? That’s really where the fun in this design is!
(I did a similar value exercise not too long ago, using Denyse’s Winter Walk fabric collection in my Stepping Stones pattern). Maybe you can tell I have a real fondness for Denyse’s fabrics, but any grouping of fabrics will work here.
Here’s that same Stepping Stones quilt in a totally different fabric line, Sharon Holland’s Bountiful line.
The final quilt can sort of trick the eye. Up close, it may look like just a scrappy patchwork quilt in a lively color palette. But when you stand back, you start to see something completely different.
Interwoven Quilt Pattern
The Interwoven PDF pattern is available in my shop, on Etsy, and in my Craftsy pattern store. Get your Ruby Ruler™ here.
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