No smoke and mirrors here (and a little about me)

I thought it was time to get new photos of myself taken. The last ones were taken by SCB for my book back in 2015, three years ago! So, I asked my friend Marlo to bring her camera to the studio and help me out. Thank goodness she has patience, I’m not an easy subject to be photographed. I make it awkward, but we got through it!

For those of you that do this regularly- have photos of yourself taken- I bow to you! Its important to put a face to our work. Its not fun to have photos taken anytime, especially when there’s a professional need and a person there who is hoping to capture you at your best. The process of doing this shoot I realized that its important to acknowledge that I have gotten older while being on the internet. I mean, time actually didn’t stand still like I hoped.
May as well own it.
One day these photos will look young to me, I realize that. But until then, I’m going to just be me, and hoping that the love for what I do shows through!

I shared a few things about myself on Instagram, and I thought I would share them here too.

  • I studied apparel merchandising and design in college, and my first official job in my chosen career was with the North American licensee of Marithe and Francois Girbaud. To this day I draw from the incredible experience of that job (we worked HARD!)
  • I met my best friend and husband Peter there.
  • When my daughter Emma, was born, we’d been in Seattle for less than 2 years, with no true support system yet (my entire family is in North Carolina, where I grew up). I decided to leave the job that brought me here to be home with my new baby, cutting our household income in half. It was pretty scary, and I got very frugal. Who could have predicted that the creative mindset shift from “fast fashion to frugal” I had during that time would actually set the path for the business I have today. I discovered real beauty in old textiles, using what I already had, and making do.
  • Today, when I’m asked why I do what I do, my honest answer is that I’m obsessed with patchwork! Collecting special fabric, cutting it into little pieces, sewing it back together? Its exciting and therapeutic. It is how I express my obsession with color and pattern, which began all those years ago when I was a doe-eyed newbie in the apparel industry.

Thank you to each of you for being here!!❤

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