Sunshine Medallion Quilt

Sunshine Medallion

Originally made for our bed, to cheer up our room through the dreary gray Seattle Winter, this became the first quilt pattern I ever produced for sale. Its been made many times and is still a wonderful way to show off a collection of beautiful fabrics in your favorite colors.


Make your own Sunshine Medallion quilt. 

ski parka quilt

Ski Parka

My husband thought making a quilt out of quilted ski parkas would be pretty clever. It was a fun experiment to cut open the many jackets we purchased from the thrift store and cut them to include pockets, snaps, and other details where we could.


The instructions for this project can be found in You Inspire Me To Quilt by Cheryl Arkinson.

Indigo quilt


Made from a collection of denim collected from thrift shopping, mainly chosen for their colors. A variation of the very classic quilt block called Delectable Mountains.


Instructions on how to make this quilt can be found in my latest book, Wise Craft Quilts.

Nuts and Bolts quilt

Commission Nuts and Bolts

Made from a collection of baby’s first year clothes, made into a twin quilt for his big boy bed. Included are letters from Dad’s childhood sweaters. Design is created by using the dark and light values of the collection of pieces received from the family.


Make your own Nuts and Bolts quilt.


Made from a collection of Tyvek race numbers my husband wore during competitive cycling. Many many racers. Sewn together and backed with navy chambray. Ties added to allow it to be rolled up and stored either on a bike or in the car. Pull it out to use it to sit on outside. A dry place to watch more cycling races!


Instructions to make this are in my latest book Wise Craft Quilts.

toile quilt

Toile Quilt

Vintage toile and Kona “snow”. An improvisational play on a classic four patch. Hand quilted with perle cotton squares scattered across the surface.

Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones Remake

Made using the fabric collection Bountiful, by Sharon Holland for Art Gallery Fabrics. This quilt shows that even very pale fabrics have light and dark value differences between them that can be used to define shapes and forms in quilts.

Make a Stepping Stones quilt.

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