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So many people all over the world have watched my Sashiko #wisecraftstitchalong series on YouTube since it was published back in November of 2017 (wow, has it really been that long!!??) That entire playlist is free, and if you’re looking for a creative project to do while you’re are at home, I highly recommend giving Sashiko stitching a try!


There are 4 different videos in the YouTube Sashiko playlist. Each video shows me stitch a sashiko pattern onto a 4×4″ square (which makes a coaster), from start to finish. These are absolutely free to watch and learn! In the description box for each video, there is a link to download the file/template.

Grab some simple supplies, watch the video, and learn to stitch in the style of Japanese Sashiko. I teach you four different stitch patterns, and . Print this out to size at home and you’ll have the full size pattern to trace.

Supply substitutions

Although I do not carry the kits I mention in the video, I do have fabric, thread, needles, etc for sashiko. BUT you can gather all kinds of supplies you probably already have on hand and learn to stitch this easy and fun stitching method!

Try these substitutions-

  • Instead of sashiko thread, use embroidery floss (all six strands), Perle cotton, or fingering weight yarn (sock yarn would work great!)
  • Instead of tracing paper, use a sunny window to trace your designs. Or make a DIY light box by putting a strong light inside a clear plastic bin, turned upside down. We use our SAD light for this and it works great! Lots of these patterns are easy enough to eyeball once you’ve created a basic 1″ grid.
  • Instead of sashiko cloth, try stitching sashiko on a piece of clothing you already have. Lots of our shirts, jackets, or jeans could use a little embellishment and/or creative mending (my daughter is currently stitching on a thrifted sweater while watching her college lectures online).


As a bonus, here are 4 more Sashiko Stitch Patterns for you!

Sashiko mini kit


If you find yourself loving Sashiko and want to stitch beyond the 4 patterns in the videos, I am releasing a second pattern group of four additional patterns (pictured above). These are downloadable just like the original four! Just as with the first set, these are also free. There is no video to go with them, but if you have watched the first videos, you’ll know exactly how to make these, no problem.

Free Sashiko Video Series

learn SashikoSashiko tutorial

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