Wise Craft Quilts Trailer and Facebook Group

I’m excited to share the video trailer for my new book today! A little backstory- this entire piece was created by Katrina Marro, of Timekeeper Films. Katrina is one of my daughter’s closest friends since Kindergarten! (#thefutureisgirls) Now they are both 18, and Katrina is a budding film student (please visit her website and see more of her work at Timekeeper Films). I am so proud of what she did. She shot some video in our backyard, family room, and studio, not many specifics at all really, I gave her some very general direction. In turn, she just went off with some ideas she had and made it all happen. And she did a phenomenal job! It captures my quilts through her eyes, and I love that!

See the video trailer.

Also, I have created a FB group for the book and I would love for you to join. Its free, and I will be posting there regularly, sharing more back story of the quilts in the book, tips for working with upcycled fabrics of all kinds, etc. I hope you’ll join! Update- I have archived the Facebook Group. All of the videos from that group live on my YouTube Channel, I hope you will subscribe!

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