New #wisecraftstitchalong starting soon! Learn to stitch Sashiko!

Sashiko coaster

Samples for our next #wisecraftstitchalong.

(Added- Scroll the end of post for downloadable templates and supply list as they are available.)

I had such a great time demonstrating the way I English Paper Piece in our recent #wisecraftstitchalong.  Let’s do another one! What do you say?

Let’s put these stitchalongs I am doing in context first. You see, there are several different techniques in the quilts I designed for Wise Craft Quilts. I wanted to show in my own way that it doesn’t take years of intense study and practice to have fun with different quilting techniques and produce a beautiful quilt. Some may gasp, I get it. But in my opinion, mastery isn’t always the goal. In an effort to bring some fundamental understanding and clarity to the different ways I make quilts, I have found that doing these FB Live stitchalongs is the perfect way to demonstrate and also get immediate feedback from the viewers. Plain and simply put, I love teaching these methods I have grown to love and use in my quilt making.


Splendorous Quilt Look book

Splendorous- A New Free Quilt Pattern for You!

Splendorous Quilt Look book

I was asked by my good friend Bari J to create a quilt pattern to celebrate Wild Bloom
, her newest collection for Art Gallery Fabrics hitting stores as we speak. I don’t often create quilts for full fabric collections, but sometimes I get really inspired when I see a collection by folks whose work I truly love, like Bari. Her beautifully floral and happy world of Curated Maximalism makes me smile whenever I see it. So, inspired by her world of blooms and this collection, Wild Bloom, this is what I came up with.READ MORE

In Defense of the Small Project

mini quilts

Time in my studio and how I use it has always been important in one way or another. When the kids were younger, I felt pressured to use that time to its fullest while I had it. Inevitably, creative time was short and precious, usually last on the list of needs in our days. As the kids got older, I found myself spending more time in my studio, but those were days I spent a lot of time thinking about exactly what I wanted my creative time to be. Writing a book has given structure to my studio time, but in between those books my time in the studio has become more and more my own. With teenagers, and one away at college, my time in the studio is blissfully mine. No more trying to keep kids busy while getting creative things done, or trying to create a project for them so that we could craft side by side. These days, I have lots of time to make what I want, or to create a real body of creative work that I am very excited about. This usually involves quilts, and quilt-related things (like pattern writing). I love every minute of it, but being the sole proprietor in the studio has created a schedule of working on lots of long term things a little bit each day. In some ways I really love that, but in some ways I’d love to see results more often than I do.READ MORE

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