We did some agressive tidying and planting in the front yard over the weekend. We need to do so so much more, but time is short, so we take it in baby steps and try not to make ourselves crazy with the list of what remains undone. Lucky for us, there are many plants in our yard that are well established, like this epimedium, and really don’t need much from us. I love their heart-shaped leaves.READ MORE

Patchwork Pillow Color Study

patchwork pillow
I had temporarily forgotten how much I love patchwork and patchwork pillows. Much like Goddess dressing to my food, I think everything sewn can be made just a little better with patchwork. Patchwork can satisfy my need to buy smallish cuts of pretty fabric, and it creates a brand new piece of fabric that I never get tired of. Fabric that I only like a little bit on its own is suddenly so much better when grouped into patchwork.READ MORE

Letters from Camp

I know it happens. They grow…they spread wings…they gain independence…yes, yes I know every bit of that, I always have. But experiencing it as a parent is both thrilling and tugging at my heart. The endless push and pull of little ones, growing.READ MORE

Bloomed Skirt, Alabama Chanin

Alabama Chanin
Longtime readers might remember when I started this skirt, from the Alabama Stitch Book. I put it away for almost a year during a time when I had no luck making anything I could wear… nothing fit, nothing hung right (lots of disasters I won’t waste time sharing). But it was such an enjoyable project to make, all it took was me cleaning out the studio shelf it was on to remember how much I loved it.READ MORE

Summer Camp Pillow

Summer Camp Pillow
Emma leaves for summer camp on Sunday. Her first time, if you don’t count the two camping trips she’s gone on with her school, which were short and heavily chaperoned by parent friends who were a cell phone call away. This one is 4 days, and about an hour away. A perfect starter one (for me as much as for her).READ MORE

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