Dream Learn Quilt! online class

At the in-person classes I teach around the country, my students want to know things like

-how to design a quilt of their own, not always follow a pattern;

-how to incorporate special fabrics, scraps, and cherished textiles in a quilt;

sewing skills that will stand the test of time;

-how to gain confidence to cut into their fabric and incorporate it into a quilt;

new ways to explore making quilts


I work hard to cover as much as I can in a one day workshop.

But quilts have many layers (get it? sorry) and it takes a bit more than a day.

My love of quilt making is tied to the stories told with cloth.

And I believe our favorite fabrics are just better sewn into a quilt, not sitting on a shelf,

I love to turn want-to-be quilters into quilters.

I wanted to find a way to provide the practical knowledge to get students there,

as well as provide inspiration and troubleshooting help.

And I finally designed a way to do it.

I created my online class,

Dream, Learn Quilt!

to show you how to get INSPIRED, not be inhibited,

by the limits of your own special collection of fabrics.

Dream, Learn, Quilt! is a comprehensive 6 week quilting class designed by me, held completely online, in a private classroom, accessible only to paid members.

Designed to provide an inspiring online learning environment for students,

it is truly unlike any other type of online quilting class you’ll find. 

Together we will cover initial concept ideas, inspiration, design, all the way through to sewing a label on

your finished quilt.

The number of students are limited to allow for focused work. 

I am active in the classroom throughout the entire course, which means I am only able to offer this class a few times a year.

How it works

The Spring session will begin on Monday, March 5th and run through Friday, April 13th

(BONUS- the entire classroom is open for an additional month after class is over!)

New lessons are delivered in the online classroom every Monday for 6 weeks.

Like to learn in the middle of the night, in your pajamas?

Or maybe you prefer your day pajamas, like me?

Maybe the morning before the kids are up is the best time?

Or your lunch hour?

You get to decide when you watch the lessons!

You fit the lessons into your schedule, when it works for you, all the while getting encouragement and motivation from the students (and me!).

All the material in each lesson is presented in several different ways- video, downloadable sheets, blog posts, and step by step photographs. In other words the information you need is presented in a variety of different ways. You pick the way you prefer to get it.

In addition , there is a private members-only Facebook group where everyone can post, check in with each other, and ask questions.

We will also connect weekly via Facebook Live video meet-ups with me.

(Note: These are completely optional, but past students have mentioned these live chats were among some of the most helpful segments of the class.)


The first 5 people to sign up for class will get a one hour Skype session with me!

Students use these video calls to discuss specific ideas, challenges, questions, and thoughts about your quilt project.

I have been told by former students that these one on one Skype sessions were just what they needed to get past their design block.

I agree- fresh eyes make all the difference!

Blair gets it. Cloth and creating can be fraught with “but I don’t want to ruin it” but with her experience and guidance, fears step aside and you’re left with accomplishments - and friends!

This class really took my sewing skills from basic to more intermediate. There were some things I needed to see to understand. Also, I love that as someone who works full time and struggles to find the time to participate in local quilting guilds, I could take these classes when my schedule allowed. Blair, you are a gift! Thank you.

pheasant quilt detail 2

If I look back to the class I took I think I appreciated Blair's enthusiasm the most. She was very encouraging and did a great job at explaining things to help us novices with our quilts.

Took an Up-to-date cycle quilting class with Blair. She was very supportive and encouraging. Loved sharing ideas with other participants. A very creative group. Got ideas for future projects.


Get inspired! Learn strategies to translate inspiration to quilt design.

This is the most important part of the process for me, and worth spending some time on!


I will walk you through techniques and concepts to design a quilt uniquely yours. 


We’re all in this together! Making, sharing, and finishing in a supportive community.


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