Custom Quilt Made From Baby Clothes

quilt made from baby clothes
I created the above quilt pattern and sewed the custom quilt made from baby clothes for a client a while back. This is now a downloadable quilt pattern available in my shop, called Nuts and Bolts. I have since made a few more, including one that will be published in my upcoming book Wise Craft Quilts: A Guide To Turning Beloved Fabrics Into Meaningful Patchwork (YES! we have a real title for my formerly unnamed child!). I wanted to talk a little about these quilts, I realize I haven’t said a ton about the different versions I’ve made here on the blog. There is something incredibly special not just to the family, but to me, in making these particular kind of quilts. The “honored to be asked feelings” loom large for me where these quilts are concerned; cutting into special little baby clothes is not easy for any quilter, skilled or newbie. There’s not more of any one piece, what you have is what you have. There are stained areas to cut around, seams to cut off, special areas to keep in, deciding the right quilt design that will utilize the tiny clothes the best, and also show off any special areas that are meant to be seen in the final quilt. For example, in the quilt above, there is an “O” from a letterman’s sweater worn by the Dad that the client wanted to use, so its size needed to fit within the overall block design. I also added an extra row at the top of the quilt, knowing that it would be used on a “big boy bed” and it would help show a child learning to make their bed which side is at the head or foot of the bed (a sneaky trick to also allow more of the special scraps to be used).READ MORE

De Dutch Quilt Pattern- New In the Shop!

De Dutch Quilt Pattern by Wise Craft Handmade
I’m so excited to put this one out in the world! De Dutch is my newest quilt pattern, and it is by far the most comprehensive quilt pattern I have ever written- 37 pages of detailed information, 54 photos, and even video to thoroughly walk you through every single step of making this quilt.READ MORE

Feather Your Nest

A small group of holiday ornaments to “Feather Your Nest” for the holidays will be in my shop soon. I love these scrappy leaves, and added some hand stamped leather strips to them too. Nodding to my love of domesticity. These aren’t meant to be just for the holidays or to adorn a tree, but they can be used anywhere, anytime of year really.
Feather Your Nest

Friday Favorites: Echo Star Patchwork Quilt

I am inspired by so many things, I decided that every Friday, I will highlight a favorite person, thing, or idea. Maybe you will be inspired too! See all past Friday Favorites here.


Updated to add: The Echo Star quilt is now available as a PDF pattern here and here!

Sometimes making a quilt from my head is all about exploration of what looks right together, or what type of patterning might seem harmonious, really just playing with the possibilities, hoping I will like the outcome. (That was definitely the case with Sunshine Medallion.) But there are times when my mind’s eye has a crystal clear vision from the very beginning of what I want the end result to be. That was the case with this quilt, Echo Star.


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