The Signet Baby Quilt- A Free Pattern for You

free quilt pattern
Quick and fun, that’s what this baby quilt is. Sized to be either a wall hanging or a stroller quilt, it can be scrappy or made nice and uniform with three of your favorite colors. If you want to make a scrappy version, just pick a few different shades for each color, instead of using all one color. That’s how I made the warm-colored version, pictured above. The cool version, below, has a more limited color palette and some more elaborate free motion quilting on it.
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Easy Mothers Day DIY

mothers day idea
A fun, simple Mothers Day idea, great for small kids to create. Using these DIY flower frogs allows a few flowers to go a long way, and keeps little hands busy at the same time. They choose a small, colorful bouquet of supermarket flowers, maybe spend some time outside, gathering some extra greenery from the yard. I’ve been known to take my kids when they were small to the thrift store to pick out small teacups and vases to hold the flowers.

Tie or Knot Your Quilt Layers Together



The quilt above, Summer Sherbet, from my first book, was tied at the center of every 4 patch.

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Quilting for Beginners: How to Baste Quilt Layers Together

quilting for beginners
I do not like quilt basting- and I am referring to making the “quilt sandwich”. Which is basting the backing, batting, and quilt top layers smoothly together so that they can be quilted together without pleats or puckers on the front or back. Early on when I started quilting, I struggled with this process quite a bit. A pleat(s) would show up on the back of the quilt every single time I machine quilted any of my quilts by machine. This is why I hand quilted several of the early quilts I made. I always have my hand on the back of the work and could catch a pleat as soon as I feel one. I began to think maybe I just didn’t have the patience necessary to baste the layers thoroughly.


Holiday Ornament DIY From Costume Jewelry

Holiday Ornament DIY
Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest. This holiday ornament DIY is from plain old costume jewelry I found at the thrift store for next to nothing. First I picked out some necklaces, brooches, and earrings that were extra sparkly. Back at home, I cleaned them up, and did a little disassembling. Using some tools we have around the house, like needle nose pliers and metal cutters, I broke or cut off any parts I wouldn’t be using. Then I used some 20 gauge artistic wire to fashion a loop to hang it on the tree. On some of them I added satin ribbon for a little color.

A Fabric Scrap Christmas Ornament DIY

Christmas Ornament
Making Christmas decorations is always so fun for me! I have made so many holiday decorations through the years, so much its really impossible to get them all out each year. These days, I’m trying hard to use materials I already have on hand, and these simple DIY ornaments are made with fabric scraps, craft paint, and wooden beads. I made these early in the season, and wasn’t quite ready to go with full-on holiday colors just yet, so I grabbed some non-Christmasy green and blue craft paint for the beads, and some equally neutral fabric scraps.

DIY Striped Flower Vase

Flower Vase
I think I’m still celebrating Cinco de Mayo, or at least wish I was. Maybe that’s why I’ve been so inspired by a beautiful serape blanket we have. I love how the colors in it are bold, summery, kind of off beat, yet work together so well. My love for these colors kind of surprised me. Isn’t it funny where we get our inspiration from? I thought it would be fun to recreate the stripe patterns with yarn on thrift store, mismatched glassware and turn them into flower vases.READ MORE

Buying and Cleaning Vintage Linens

How to Clean Vintage Linens
I am nuts for vintage linens, needlework, embroidery, fabric, and similar textile pieces, I think I’ve made that clear. One of my favorite things to do is shop for it, either online or at secondhand stores. For me, cleaning vintage linens goes hand in hand with buying them, and its what I’m thinking about when I’m deciding whether to buy it or not. I begin with the same basic process for any vintage fabrics and linens I buy, which I cover this in my “Sewing Clothes Into Quilts” class, but I wanted to talk a bit using an actual example. READ MORE