Quick and Fun Halloween Projects Part 1

Halloween Collage 1


Gosh, for someone who isn’t necessarily a fan of Halloween, I have sure made a bunch of DIY projects!


I used to create Halloween project content for a client and those projects are still favorites. I thought it was worth revisiting some of these this week. Let this serve as your friendly reminder that its not too late to make something festive and fun for Halloween next week (You have 8 days… and if necessary… 8 nights.)


Easy Halloween DIY Projects


Above, from top right- Mummy wrapped votives and vases, a project from my first book; thrift store glassware painted with cobwebs and spiders (use a food-safe black paint or glass marker); white and black thrift store t-shirts sewn into pillows, and a wreath (also in the wreath image in that post is another project- painting old round holiday ornaments orange and turning them into jack-0-lanterns); googly-eye stickers applied to cups and glasses (great little kid project); DIY Trick or Treat bags made from thrift store t-shirts; spray painted thrift store ceramics with red rhinestone eyes; and the perennial fan favorite, Zombie Barbies from my first book, Wise Craft.

Be sure to tag your projects #wisecrafthandmadehalloween on social media so we can all see!



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