Join me at Camp Thundercraft

Camp Thundercraft
Have you heard of Camp Thundercraft? A weekend retreat happening here, in the Pacific Northwest, on beautiful Vashon Island, April 13-15. This retreat is geared towards people like me, who own or are starting small creative businesses and want to spend a weekend getting recharged and inspired among like-minded folks. Organized by the same folks who are responsible for Urban Craft Uprising, this is the kind of weekend we creative folks really need.READ MORE

‘Tis the season for some Slow Stitching

Sashiko coaster
What is slow stitching, you ask? Well, in my book that would be hand sewing, hand piecing, and time taken to learn new hand stitching skills. We recently completed the latest #wisecraftstitchalong, the Sashiko coasters (slow and satisfying stitching) over in the Wise Craft Quilts Facebook group and it was loads of fun. I’m finding my comfort level in front of the camera more every session of these Facebook Live videos, and I am loving being able to connect with everyone in real time! But if you aren’t a fan of Facebook, or you didn’t get a chance to follow along with the FB Live stitching sessions, not to worry. I’ve created playlists of both of the #wisecraftstitchalongs we’ve done so far and they are now up on my YouTube channel. You can join in with supplies you may have on hand, or grab some from my shop (sashiko starter kit or EPP templates), and make some time for a little slow stitching during the holidays.

Fussy Cutting for the #wisecraftstitchalong

fussy cut
Thanks to everyone for the overwhelming response to the #wisecraftstitchalong! We had a little bit of a blip there when the first big batch of kits I shipped out had been delivered to me missing some vital pieces, but we have gotten all that figured out (whew!) and folks should have their replacement pieces by now. If you received a kit and don’t have the elongated hexagon shapes that you need to complete this project, please email me at [email protected] and let me know.READ MORE

Upcycle Your Quiltmaking Workshop at Modern Domestic

Modern Domestic
I have created some workshops based on the concepts in my new book and I will be debuting “Upcycle Your Quiltmaking“(midway down the page) at one of my favorite shops, Modern Domestic in Portland, Oregon on Saturday on March 25 (can’t wait to see their new location!). There are three spots left for this class. Sign up here and join us for a lovely day of sewing, laughing, sharing stories about the cloths we bring, and quilting. In this all day workshop, we will explore how to create new patchwork stories from found, collected, and important fabric in our life. I will be sharing my tips and things I’ve learned throughout my quilt making journey and from my prior experience studying Textile Science and my career in the apparel design industry. READ MORE

Craftcation 2015


Courtney, pup Charley, Lisa, and me

I haven’t stopped since Craftcation to even write about it. And I had such a great time! For those who may not know, Craftcation is a yearly business and maker’s conference that takes place in Ventura, California at the end of March, brilliantly organized and well attended.READ MORE

Buying and Cleaning Vintage Linens

How to Clean Vintage Linens
I am nuts for vintage linens, needlework, embroidery, fabric, and similar textile pieces, I think I’ve made that clear. One of my favorite things to do is shop for it, either online or at secondhand stores. For me, cleaning vintage linens goes hand in hand with buying them, and its what I’m thinking about when I’m deciding whether to buy it or not. I begin with the same basic process for any vintage fabrics and linens I buy, which I cover this in my “Sewing Clothes Into Quilts” class, but I wanted to talk a bit using an actual example. READ MORE

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